Micropigmentation, Dermatude, Dermapen and Meso Vytal

Basic Micropigmentation treatments are defined as: Eyeliner, Eyebrow Lengthening, Eyebrow Creation & Filling, Lip Liner and Full Lip Colour, Microblading

Advanced Micropigmentation treatments are defined as: Areola Re-pigmentation, Scar Disfigurement, Stretch Mark Camouflage, Re-pigmentation of Vitiligo, Cleft Palate, Hair Replacement on the Hairline or Scalp

We will only be liable for Basic Micropigmentation Treatments if You are a trained operative in accordance with part (v) of the Advanced Micropigmentation Procedures warranty whereby We will indemnify You in respect of both Basic and Advanced Micropigmentation Treatments

The following Micropigmentation procedures are excluded: